Armadillo cake

armadillo cake

Ok, so I’m just gonna post a bunch of pics of my armadillo cake. I really loved making it but it was not a tasty cake at all. It was my first cake from scratch and it definitely tasted like it. Fortunately, no one wanted to cut into and ruin it, so it was saved from being truly found out that beauty is only fondant-deep. The leaves were super fun and rather easy to make. I made them from rolled gum paste and cut them out with your standard fall leaf cookie cutters. I draped them over scrunched tinfoil to give them support and curves while they hardened.


3 thoughts on “Armadillo cake

    • Thanks! I begged them to run it over with their 4 wheeler if they were not going to eat it, so they did! I will blog it, once I get the pics. Half the fun is destroying, umm, I mean eating, the cake!

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