My Hippie Fest Birthday Party Rainbow Cake

rainbow tye dye cake

So being a cake making fool, I decided to make my own birthday cake. I had seen a tye dye cake and was immediately smitten. My theme then became “Hippie Fest.” Who doesn’t like a bit of rainbow in thier food? So I just started with two yellow cake mix boxed and followed the directions on the box.Once I got the mix prepared, I separated it into 5 separate bowls.

cake mixed tye dye stylegel colorscrumb coated cakedecorated hippie cake

I added a dollop of gel coloring (which can be found in the cooking section of your local craft store.) The gel coloring is way more vibrant than the squeeze colors, but they will work in a pinch too. After each bowl had been mixed thoroughly, I slowly added them into two pregreased 9″ pan, pouring each color into the center. Cook as directed. Let cool and then crumbcoat in frosting. Let the crumb-coat set before frosting as desired. I added some fondant and icing flowers. My icing work could really use some help, but it did the job. My favorite part was putting the cake on a clear cake stand so you could really see the tye dye without even cutting into it.

Hope you like it!

mmmm tastes like hippiessee through cake standsparkler candles



MIchele and I at my party

my best friendtook alot of these awesome pics. Her site is



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