Sweet Sliders- Hamburger Cupcakes

Nothing says summer like Hamburgers and Hotdogs or… Hamburger cupcakes! I LOOOOOOVED making these, and hopefully you will too!   They are so simple but everyone will be impressed when you pull these out at your Labor Day party. I made them along with a watermelon birthday cake for my youngest’s 3rd birthday party. They were way more of a hit than the cake and quite a bit yummier too.

How to make Hamburger cupcakes:


White cake mix (I prefer Duncan Hynes)
Chocolate cake mix
vegetable oil -for the cakes
white frosting- store bought or home made
chocolate frosting- store bought or home made
red food coloring
green food coloring
9 X 13 cake pan
Cupcake pan
Cupcake liners or Bakers Joy non-stick spray

Ok, so make the chocolate cake by following the directions on the box and cook in the 9×13 pan. Set aside and let cool. Make the white cake by following the directions on the box and cook in the cupcake pan. You can either use the liners or spray the pan Bakers Joy, then you don’t  have to fuss with taking off all the paper liners. Bake cupcakes according to the directions on the box. Let cool.
Once the cupcakes cool, take a knife and cut them in half, to make them like little hamburger buns. Set aside.Take the chocolate cake and dump it into a big mixing bowl and then scoop out . heaping spoonfuls of the chocolate frosting. This is when it gets fun! Now mash the cake mix and frosting together, continually adding the frosting until they are blended together, creating a malleable consistency, like that of play dough. Form little balls about the width of your cupcakes and then press them a bit, to give them the hamburger patty form. Now make a small batch of red frosting and a bigger batch of green. Pipe the green frosting on with a leaf-tip to look like lettuce and then come back with some red in a round tip, to look like catsup. You can also color some fondant yellow, roll it out and cut into squares for cheese, but that was more money than I wanted to spend…Plus I’m not a big fan of fondant that you can’t just remove before eating.
Stack your cupcake like this, bottom of white cupcake, chocolate patty, green “lettuce” frosting, red catsup” frosting, top of cupcake. I also used a fancy toothpick to help keep it together and also to give it a more genuine look.

Have fun with it! Please send me pics if you do this or something similar. I’d love to see it!


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