Carnival cake

One of my good friends decided to throw her daughter a carnival themed party. In lieu of a infant-style circus, I went with a little more mature cake. Her daughter was turning 9, so the cake had to look mature enough that it wouldn’t be mistaken for a toddler’s birthday cake. I looked at a ton of carnival/big top style cakes, but I couldn’t really find what I wanted. I decided to just come up with my own cake.
I used a strawberry boxed mix (2 boxes) and homemade icing. I made two 9 inch rounds, cooled and frosted. I had fun just playing with the fondant. I loved making the little elephant. All the kids seem to really get a kick out of it and all of them wanted to eat my little buddy.

If I could have done one thing different, I would have made the cake mix myself.

carnival cake

If you have a cake you’d like me to feature, please contact me through commenting. I’d love to feature your cake or advice tips!


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