The revival of Kerian’s Kitchen

So, I created this blog eons ago and it was fun but I really fell off the blogoshphere for a while. NOW I’m back and I’m gonna start blogging at least once every other week. My goal is to inspire other home cooks who want to make thier own sculpted cakes, to share favorite recipes and to discuss foodie goodness in all it’s glory. I want to celebrate the creativity that we use when we create food for our family and friends. I want to share what tips and tricks I have learned along the way like keeping your own herb garden and attempt to keep one going during this next winter. (I have an unhealthy obsession with fresh basil.) I’m still a beginner by all means and I’m certainly not gonna know the answers to everything but if we all put our own ingredients into this pot, what we’ll get out of it will be amazing.

So grab that cup of joe you’ve been nursing, and email me your favorite, recipe, cooking disaster, or anything you want to share about food. I will try to get as many recipes a I can and try them out and post my own experiences here. Or if you want some giggles, send me a recipe you’ve been struggling with and see if I can do it! (Probably not, but it will make for a great story!) I would love to try.

Thanks so much for taking a bit of your day and sharing it with me. I hope I will inspire you to cook out side the pan.. (did you see what Ii did there? Instead of the box, I said the pan… lol) Nevermind…. lol

Hope you have a great day and Keep cooking!

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